Refugees Program

Thousands of desperate men, women and children flee conflicts and natural disasters in search of a place of refuge, some countries are debating whether to accept or reject asylum seekers. But Uganda has opened its doors to refugees in record numbers.

Many of these vulnerable refugees come into Uganda with their painful pasts as many of them witnessed their beloved ones being killed, raped, sodomized and their homes being set on fire and lost all their livelihoods. Today many of them are orphans, disabled, single mothers, sick and mulnarished. This led WFL to open doors for them and offer a platform for healing their past wounds. We help them experience the love of Christ through our discipleship programs.

We engage the youths in sports .Currently we have a football team comprising refugees from DR Congo and South Sudan.

They testify that through this sport they are able to experience healing and rebuilding of their football careers that can give them brighter futures.

Single mothers and their children are also not left behind as we visit their homes and offer food baskets as a way of meeting some of their basic needs. We also have a group of gospel music artists from DR Congo, we carry out community outreaches through music that brings healing, restoration and hope to many lives and the kingdom of God keeps on expanding.

We also have a group of refugees with small scale businesses that need more capital to enhance their business operations hence your sponsorship and generous donations will ensure that refugees have something to support themselves and their families and at the end of it all we will put smiles on their faces.

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